Acoustic Drums

Our Classic Stave line of drums represents the pinnacle of sound quality and craftsmanship. Our Stave drums are built by hand using the finest woods,  materials and methods available. 


Our Classic Stave drums are designed and built with sound quality above all else. Every aspect of these drums, from wood choice, shell thickness, bearing edge profile, shell construction, finish material and thickness to sanding, hardware and hardware placement, was done with sound quality first.


Building these drums by hand in low volumes allows the user to completely customize these drums to suit their sonic and visual preferences .  We offer several different wood options, stain colors and   hardware choices as well as different mounting options. Additionally, we can make custom hardware profiles and custom colors.


For the drummer looking for the best in sound quality, Meliti Acoustics CS line is the only real choice.





The MCS line is the world’s first sustainable, environmentally friendly drum shells. These shells are made with our own proprietary composite  and cast as a single, seamless unit.

Never before has a drum been designed from the ground up with so many constraints, from sound quality, sustainability, consistency, durability, functionality and cost.

These constraints required us to develop our own material. This hard, durable material  has resulted in drums with a loud attack, balanced low and high frequencies, and long sustain—all at a price that is affordable for all players.





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