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Our patented Bass Drum Support Cradle is the first innovative bass drum mounting system that actually improves the sound and performance of the bass drum.


 The cradle eliminates the need for traditional bass drum spurs, which are notoriously unstable, dampen resonance and put stress and strain upon the bass drum shell. Our cradle holds the drum from the four bottom lugs in the front and back of the drum. By using the cradle, the drum is suspended by the tension rods, allowing the shell to resonate much more freely. Also, by suspending the drum from the floor, less energy is transferred to the floor, making recordings much more quiet. The cradle also has four adjustable spiked feet. The feet can be raised or lowered to accommodate uneven floors. The spiked shape of the feet ensure the cradle does not creep while playing. Finally, the bass drum pedal now attaches directly to the cradle. No more ruining your drum hoops! The pedal attachment bar is adjustable up, down, back and forward to accommodate different pedals.


Our patent-pending Tune Lock Lugs allow the user to quickly remove the old drum head and install a new head easily and quickly, all without having to retune the new drum head.

Our patent-pending  Magnetic Tom Suspension works with our TLK to provide a stable tom suspension that lets the tom resonate freely without excessive movement.

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