Sound diffusers work by reflecting and scattering sound waves that strike it. Instead of absorbing sound, our diffusers scatter it over their surface area to reduce its intensity. 

Diffusers come in many shapes and sizes; however, QRD, or Schroeder diffusers, work much more efficiently at scattering sound than other types of diffusers (poly-cylindrical, angled, pyramid).


1D QRD diffusers scatter sound in one direction (horizontally if the unit is vertical). 1d diffusers are availible in 17''x 4' and 17''x 2' stardard sizes finished in white latex paint. custom sizes and colors also availible. Uor diffusers have the option of being surface mounted or built in.



 2D skyline diffusers scatter sound both horizontally and vertically. 2D diffusers are availible by the square foot.


Our diffusers are built with high quality materials and finishes to last a lifetime.  They may be customized to meet your design needs.

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