Sound Absorbing Panels



Our broadband sound absorbing panels are an effective and attractive way to reduce excessive reverberation and echo, control unwanted reflections, and lower overall noise level in a wide variety of rooms and applications, ranging from home theaters, living rooms, restaurants, retail, and any other space where reverberation and noise levels are too high.


Our panels are made with either 6 lb fiberglass or mineral wool acoustical material with a Class A/1 fire rating to comply with fire codes.  We can also build custom acoustic panels as per acoustician specifications.


Our standard panels are avialble in 1 inch and 2 inch thickness with custom panels in 3'', 4'', 6'', 8'' availble.


We offer a wide range of fabric colors as well as custom designs and prints.



Our concealed Wood framed panels are built with a solid wood frame with a plywood backing. This creates a panel that will provide years of use in even the toughest environments.  The wood frame protects the panel edges from dents, deformation and sagging over time.  The panel is glued and stapled together and the joints are calked to prevent squeaks and rattles. Because of the plywood backing and space for mounting hardware in the back of the panel this panel is 1/2'' thicker that the acoustic material used. The fabric is stretched over the face of the panel and mechanically fastened to the back, this gives the panel the ability to be re-upholstered should your decor change in the future. The edge profiles available with this panel are round-over and bevel.


Our Perforated concealed wood frame panel is similar in construction and in the finished product to the solid frame panel with the addition of perforations in the frame to allow sound to be absorbed by the sides as well as the face. This increases the surface area of the panel. The open back design of this panel makes use of the back of the acoustic material if the panel is spaced from the wall. Because of the plywood backing and space for mounting hardware in the back of the panel this panel is 1/2'' thicker that the acoustic material used.The edge profiles available with this panel are round-over and bevel.


Our new concealed perforated vinyl edge is a  panel with thin vinyl corner edge adhered to the perimeter of the panel to provide a crisp edge with out using resin to chemically harden the edges. The advantages to this design is that it produces a panel with the designer friendly frameless look while reducing VOC's both in the construction and in the finished product, making an edge that will resist breaking better than the resin edged panel and allowing the edge of the panel to absorb sound that  would otherwise be reflected by the resin edges. The fabric is glued to the panel and in most cases not able to be re-upholstered. This panel is only offered in square edge profile.


Our decorative wood edge panel is built with a hardwood frame which is stained to match your design. The acoustic panel is covered with your choice of fabric and then fitted with in the frame. A perforated version is available for panels 2'' thick and over. The standard edge profiles available with this panel are round-over and bevel.


Our frameless panels are the top choice for most designers because of their sleek low profile look. These panels are made by chemically treating the edges of the panel with a resin to harden the edge to produce a crisp edge profile. The fabric is glued over the panel. The edge profiles available with this panel are square and bevel.

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