We custom build loudspeakers for all applications including:  hi-fi, home theater, casual listening, and critical listening. Our products page shows our current product line,which we would be happy to give you an in home demonstration. Or, you could commission us to build you a completely custom loudspeaker to suit you personal needs. All of our loudspeakers are designed and hand-built using only the finest components and materials. Each loudspeaker is made to order.  You order them, we build them.  Together, with your input, we will design and build your custom sonic experience.  Our speakers are built to meet your critical sense of style; visually we use the finest domestic and exotic wood veneers available.


Commercial Room Acoustics and Acoustic Consulting

We offer complete acoustical services for your space or project. From reverberation control to sound isolation we can design and implement a solution to fit your goals and budget.



Residential Rooms

We custom design home theaters and listening rooms.  We will also happily work with your interior decorator or contractor to design your ultimate sound room.

For an existing room, such as a living room or family room, where the aesthetics and comforts are just as important as the sound, we can assist you in extracting the best possible sound that complements your living space.


Consultations are done by appointment; we will meet you at your convenience.

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