Room Acoustic Products & Services


Designed to Fit Your Project


We offer room acoustic products with a wide range of options to complement your design. From size and depth, fabric style and color, and to wood choice and color, you can be sure our products will look as good as they perform.


Our Products include:


Broadband Sound Absorbers

Narrow Band Sound Absorbers

Corner Bass Traps

1D QRD diffusers

2D Skyline Diffusers 


Our built/assembled on-site products and services include:


Large scale versions of the above plus:

Resonant Bass Trap

Poly-Cylindrical Absorbers/ Diffusers

Slat Absorbers/ Diffusers

Soffit Absorbers

Sound Isolation/Containment Systems

Fabric Track Absorbers


Broadband Sound Absorbing Panels



Sound Diffusers











Acoustical Services


We offer acoustical consulting services to help you achieve the best possible sound for your unique space.

For an existing space, we can perform acoustical measurements and simulations to precisely select the right products and positions to make your room sound and look its best.

For a completely new space, we can help you design and build a theater/ listening/activity room from the ground up.

Some of the services we offer are:

Room response measurements Reverberation time
Room optimization
Positional optimization Auralization

Room simulation
Room design and drawings 

Sound isolation 

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