Aria is a 3 way omni/bi- directional loudspeaker designed to be a listening experience like no other. Unlike traditional forward-firing loudspeakers that radiate sound unevenly throughout the room, Aria’s omnidirectional mid and low frequency (3000 hertz and lower) radiates sound much more evenly, which translates into a wide open transparent sound with none of the familiar “room boom” associated with traditional designs. The bi- directional high frequency portion (3000 hertz and above) adds just the right amount of high frequency information into the room. By making the tweeters bi- directional (radiates sound from the front and rear, with nulls at 90º off axis) and not omni directional, it helps in localization and improves imaging between the left and right  speakers. Visually, Aria really is special. Aside from being handmade and all of its rounded objects hand turned, its painted surfaces are sprayed using some of the best automotive paints and clear coats in the industry. As for the wood surfaces, we only use the finest domestic and exotic wood veneers available with durable urethane or lacquer clear coats. Aria’s boxes are constructed with MDF and the low frequency cabinet is well-braced in three locations and damped using a one and one-quarter inch thick three layer acoustic foam to reduce resonance and control standing waves. The result is a speaker with a quick transient response with fast decays. Although visually Aria commands attention, sonically it seems to disappear ,leaving a vast soundstage that appears larger than the room itself.


MD720s is a 2 way bookshelf designed for detailed near field listening in small to mid sized rooms. Its over sized enclosure allows the 7 inch aluminum cone woofer to have a extremely fast transient response. The sealed enclosure also produces a better low frequency response compared to a vented system. Although the low frequency roll off occurs higher at around 70 hertz, the bass is more musical and rolls off gradually.

Ottone Ottone- Fawn /copper


A 2.5 way vented floor standing loudspeaker for home hi-fi use. Ottone was designed to integrate into many different spaces with ease. Sonically Ottone is a very natural sounding loudspeaker. Its frequency response measures +/- 3dB within its intended frequency range of 42hz- 20khz. The crossover is a 3rd order acoustic slope with a 1800 hz crossover point. The basic cabinet of Ottone allows clients the ability to customize the look to suit their personal taste without re-engineering a new enclosure. From a painted enclosure with side panels, to exotic wood veneer in an intricate inlay pattern, and patina copper, stainless steel or brass front baffle the choices are limitless.

Ottone- Mahogany inlay/ Brass
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